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What to expect from our Social Media Advertising Agency Services

  • Q: What about SEO? Can you rank my website?
    A: SEO (search engine optimization) is a part of what we do. We routinely create organic search rankings for very competitive search terms for almost any key word search containing 3-4 words or more which  the customer chooses.  These rankings are temporary without an ongoing effort. However, in time, the syndication of a constantly refreshed source of this topic-specific data (text, videos, music, opinions, tweets, etc) can create permanent rankings for a website.  Your destination website becomes an ‘authority source‘ for the subject matter.  By syndicating content  with  Creative Commons Copyright, link popularity and what is called ‘authority’ (Page Rank) is created, without breaking any search engine rules.
  • Q: What kind of exposure will I get?
    A: You will be exposed to our entire subscription base; all of our readers; all of our website visitors; various social networking and video sharing and news sites; and your articles will be distributed to all of them, and to the whole world, on thousands of search engines and directories, including Google.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Just $300 puts your message out and keeps you on top of the world for exclusively for what you do where you do it for 365 day. Sponsorship of a niche or geographical blog or ebook which targets a specific market is maintained in perpetuity at $300 per quarter  with us doing all the work, or $1000 per year with first right of refusal for renewal.

  • Blast to our 20,000,000+ audience – 3 months is included with minimum purchase –
  • Discounted to $1000 for one year (12 months) in advance for ongoing advertising and promotion
  • Larger companies who want broader geographical or niche coverage should request custom quote

365 days with training and support (DIY) or 3 months with us doing  everything $300

One year advertising prepaid option with nothing required from you: $1000

See Our Services. for more options

  • Within one or two weeks after the completed questionnaire is received
    The social media site is created, and the customer is  enabled to use it and edit it at will. (Time frames depend on the timely response from the client, co-operation and timely payments.)  Ongoing customer support is provided. The customer approves the look and feel and edits are made.
  • First 90 days ongoing
    Significant organic search placement for targeted searches is achieved and traffic is tracked and results documented. The strategy is revisited based on results.
  • Thereafter
    Link-building, posting, and off-site promotion and theme updates are ongoing.  The service is cumulative over time, and there is almost no search placement that cannot be achieved, especially after the first 120 days, which allows for the solution to be re-ranked in the Google quarterly updates after link building and on and off-site optimization has been executed. Organic traffic can be expected to increase by at least double to begin with (first ninety days), up to over ten times original levels in the first six months.

Comprehensive Online Influence Bundle:

  • We’ll create, or re-create your website, and put it on top of the world (and Google) permanently, for as long as you remain our client
  • We will host your website of unlimited size on our dedicated servers, with daily, weekly, and monthly backups on a separate machine for databases of any size.
  • We will write about you, link to you, say things that you cannot say, good things, about you and your business.
  • We will optimize for your competitors proper names, legally, ethically, and feed their customers to you.
  • We will, if you desire it, train you to edit and change things at will, with unlimited emails, forwarders, domains hosted for free at our
  • We will use our amazing influence and reach to put your message in front of literally millions of potential customers monthly and ongoing, in perpetuity.
  • We will provide detailed analytic data, to make the whole process traceable and demonstrable; accountable.
  • We will provide ongoing strategy and advice.
  • I personally will be available to you, on demand, by cell phone during Pacific standard time business hours – 24 hours per day by email.

$299 setup, $299 monthly with no long term commitment, in perpetuity:

Setup and one month in advance: $598.00
(Less than you would pay others for the website alone!)

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Anything you post here can and will be used to promote you, and it is available to the world.  If you abandon an blog, or fail to pay for one, or misrepresent yourself in any way to us, or are found to be guilty of a crime that makes us unable or unwilling to represent you, we can and will resell said niche or geographical blog to another blogger, using the existing content with your name, links and logos removed.  We reserve the right to reuse and redistribute such content thus as we see fit, and to refuse service to anyone whom we feel is not a good fit on our community.
Questions?  Israel 541-982-9291
There are no other promises made, except that we will represent you exclusively in your niche or market, and that we will deliver what we agree to deliver, and at the agreed upon price on a best efforts basis.

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