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Social Blast Kit (SBK)Social Blast Kit

Just $300 puts your exclusive message out and keeps you on top of the world exclusively for what you do where you do it for 365 days.

  • Blast to our 10,000,000+ audience
  • Larger companies who want broader geographical or niche coverage should request custom quote.

12 months $300 exclusive for what you do in your town

Social PR Bundle – Ongoing PR

Adds Ongoing Reputation Management Hands-on bundled services
One year advertising prepaid advertising with nothing required from you: $1000
Includes ongoing blogging and social media reputation management services per town..
  • Setup and optimization for largest Google search (competitors’ searches)
  • Master Sponsorship and permanent Links on custom SEO Blog and Facebook Local Social Network see social-blog
  • Sustainable Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Custom optimization strategy and advice for existing website
  • Permanent, powerful links to target (client owned) website
  • Super-launch: blast to our over 10,000,000 person social media audience of actors, writers, producers, publishers, bloggers, celebrities, brokers, industry professionals, hospitality professionals, real estate professionals, travel professionals, business owners, technology professionals, Facebook, Google+, and linkedin groups, and entrepreneurs all over the world
  • Sponsorship and featured blog blast to our custom opt-in list built just for you!
  • 1 Year Ongoing promotion and optimization for local events and venues
  • Ongoing training, strategy and advice for Social Media Advertising and sharing on,, Facebook and Google+
  • All the advertising you will ever need without paying per click, or per lead!
  • Exclusivity as master sponsor of the largest, or soon to be largest social network in your town, with your message and links in first frame on every page!  (see Denver Locals Facebook Group)


Installment Plan:

Area Exclusive Sponsor Ongoing
Number of payments 4
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $265.00 USD
2 after 12 weeks $265.00 USD
3 after 24 weeks $265.00 USD
4 after 36 weeks $265.00 USD
Total $1,060.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Comprehensive Online Influence Bundle:

  • We’ll create, or re-create your website, and put it on top of the world (and Google) permanently, for as long as you remain our client
  • We will host your website of unlimited size on our dedicated servers, with daily, weekly, and monthly backups on a separate machine for databases of any size.
  • We will write about you, link to you, say things that you cannot say, good things, about you and your business.
  • We will optimize for your competitors proper names, legally, ethically, and feed their customers to you.
  • We will, if you desire it, train you to edit and change things at will, with unlimited emails, forwarders, domains hosted for free at our
  • We will use our amazing influence and reach to put your message in front of literally millions of potential customers monthly and ongoing, in perpetuity.
  • We will provide detailed analytic data, to make the whole process traceable and demonstrable; accountable.
  • We will provide ongoing strategy and advice.
  • I personally will be available to you, on demand, by cell phone during Pacific standard time business hours – 24 hours per day by email.

$299 setup, $299 monthly with no long term commitment, in perpetuity:

Setup and one month in advance: $598.00
(Less than you would pay others for the website alone!)

Monthly renewal: $299.00

Bundled Websites With Social Media Advertising A website that nobody sees is worthless

If you want to launch a new idea, or to build your existing business, just having a website created is only one piece in the puzzle. Instead of buying each thing from different vendors, you can save money and get a better end product by buying a bundled solution.  A functional website with training and support which has a shopping cart, traffic, and makes money can be very inexpensive.  A free website is worth what you pay for it, but you can afford this at the very least:

Uplog Custom eBook Bundle:

(a custom Domain can be pointed at our server and parked)

Customisation, Graphics
$179/Year Renewal
(Note: larger (national franchiser)  websites and custom quotes 541-982-9291)

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