Earn while you learn – 13000+ bloggers needed in every city!

Earn while you learn – 13000+ bloggers needed in every city 541-982-9291

Blog PowerWelcome to There will be a blog here for every city and state: only one for each. There can be one blog for each industry niche; and an unlimited number of E-Books. Each is a business opportunity because we roar as friends and followers and tweeters weekly together with our blogs and profiles! As a team, we can dominate any organic search terms intentionally and easily. Our groups of contractors and professionals all over the world are the best anywhere, and together our power in the search engines and social networks is enormous. You can be the for your area, and/or you can make money selling advertising – work at home.

Israel Rothman is the number one ‘internet advertising consultant’ according to Google organic search, and is also the number one ‘local news advertising agency‘ .  Times are changing, and there is almost nothing that we cannot achieve on purpose, without breaking any search engine rules: as a team producing real content. Our newsletter is the number 1 B2B Home Business. We have the power, the numbers, the rankings, the momentum, and the know-how.

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Below is a complete listing of existing blogs, E-books, Websites and there are are corresponding Groups for each that we manage and control, we created.

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Earn while you learn – 13000+ bloggers needed in every city 541-982-9291
Below is a list of our many existing, sponsored, active and orphaned blogs and groups, over 100 of them and growing every day:


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